Bella Poarch net worth 2023 | The most Famous Tick Toker

Bella Poarch net worth 2023 | The most Famous Tick Toker

In this article I will explain you regarding Bella Poarch net worth 2023. Bella Poarch is a most eminent social media star and singer who have 93 million followers on Tik Tok. Bella Poarch net worth 2023 is $7 million dollars. The real name of Bella Poarch is Denarie Taylor. Bella Poarch has millions of followers on almost every plat form including You Tube, Tik Tok, Twitter and Instagram. In 2020 Bella Poarch became hit after her video goes viral on Tik Tok. In that video she was lip syncing the song (M to the B). This video got billions of likes and views on Tik Tok. In 2021 Bella Poarch out her first debut single (Build a Bitch).

Bella Poarch net worth 2023 | The most Famous Tick Toker

What is Bella Poarch net worth 2023?

Information Details
Name Bella Poarch
Age 27 years old
Date of Birth February 09, 1997
Height 5 foot, 3 inches
Occupation Singer and Social media figure
Salary $250,000 per Anum
Net Worth $7 million
Nationality American, Philippines
Place of Birth San Fabian, Philippines


How Bella Poarch became Millionaire?

Bella Poarch make her Tik Tok account in 2020. After creating account, she started to post videos related to gaming and technology, but she did not get much attention and fame. One day she posted a video, and, in that video, she was Lip syncing on the popular song of Millie B (M to the B) This was the turning point of her career. This specific video got so famous that it crossed billions of views on Tik Tok. In 2022, the followers of Bella Poarch on Tik Tok crossed 90 million. Bella Poarch got hit from the Tik Tok plat form. Later on in 2021 she started her singing career.

Bella Poarch net worth 2023 | The most Famous Tick Toker

Bella Poarch Social Media followers

Plat form Followers
Instagram 14 million
Tik Tok 93 million
You Tube 6.50 million subscribers
Twitter 1.4 million


Bella Poarch Early life

Bella Poarch was born in San Fabian, Philippines on February 09,1997. She was born in Filipino family. Till age of three Bella Poarch used to live with her grandparents. Then she was adopted by an American person and a Filipino mother. The father of the Bella Poarch was very cruel. He always beats her. She has suffered a lot in her childhood. There are very bitter memories in Bella s life which Bella Poarch want to forget forever. Later on, when Bella Poarch reached at the age of 13, she has to move with her family to Texas.

Bella Poarch net worth 2023 | The most Famous Tick Toker

Military Career

The father of the Bella Poarch was in American military. He forced Bella Poarch to join military although she was least interested in it. She always wants to do something big and different in her life. She got appointed in United States Navy in 2017 due to his father. She continues this Job for three years and she was posted in Japan and Hawaii, but it was not her dream life.

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Bella Poarch Income Sources

When Bella Poarch got famous on Tik Tok she became viral. She left her job and started focusing on her career.

Tik Tok

From Tik Tok application Bella Poarch is making thousands of dollars every single month. She does brand promotion, collaboration and different campaigns of Tik Tok. She is the third most followed celebrity on Tik Tok application. According to a report Bella Poarch has almost 212.76 billion views on her Tik Tok videos.


Bella Poarch has 14 million followers on Instagram. She is making hefty amount from this platform. She usually does brand collabs and brand promotions. For a single collab or promotion she charges thousands of dollars.

You Tube

Bella Poarch also has a You Tube channel. She has 7.5 million subscribers on You Tube. She is making around $70-80K dollars from her You Tube account.

Clothing Brand

When Bella Poarch get fame through Tik Tok she launched her clothing brand in 2020 called RIPNDIP. It is also the source of her income.

Bella Poarch singing Career

In 2020 Bella Poarch became popular on the Internet so in 2021 the record labels got attracted towards her and then Warner Records feature her and launched her debut single (Build a Bitch) which got very eminent in United States, India and other Asian Countries. This song was ranked on 56th in United States Billboard Chart 100.

Bella Poarch net worth 2023 | The most Famous Tick Toker

Bella Poarch Famous songs

Song Name Year
Build a Bitch 2021
Inferno 2021
Fish 2022
Adore You 2021
Feel Good 2021
Bubblegum 2021


Bella Poarch personal Life

Bella Poarch weds to Tylor Poarch but in late 2022 the couple got divorced due to some personal reasons and Bella Poarch filled a divorce by herself. In her interviews Bella Poarch has revealed that she suffered a lot in her childhood and there are a lot of bitter memories which she wants to forget completely.

Bella Poarch houses

Bella Poarch has a mansion in Los Angeles, United States. This house consists of 6 master size bedrooms, 3 drawing rooms along with a giant Pool, Gym and Theater. This house worth more than $90k dollars.

Bella Poarch Cars

Bella Poarch is not much fond of luxury and sports cars. She has normal collection of cars.

Toyota Camry

Range Rover Evoque

Mercedes C Class

BMW 7 series

Bella Poarch Social Media Platforms

Platform Link



How much does Bella Poarch get paid?

Bella Poarch makes most of her income from sponsored content of Instagram and Tik Tok. She usually charges $14000 to $15000 for a single post. She also has a You Tube channel with millions of subscribers, so she makes hefty amount from this plat from too.

Is Bella Poarch married?

Yes, Bella was married in 2019 but right now according to latest news in 2022 she filed a divorce case, and she has taken divorce now.

Why is Bella Poarch so popular?

Bella Poarch became so popular from Tik Tok application. She posted a video of lip sync on a famous song and that particular video crossed billions of views from that video she became so eminent.

What is Bella Poarch real name?

The real name of Bella Poarch is Denarie Taylor.

Does Bella Poarch have a child?

No, she was married in 2019 but she doesn’t have a child.

How old is Bella Poarch now?

She is 27 years old now.

Who has the most followers on TikTok?

Khaby Lame










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