Bert Kreischer net worth in 2023

Bert Kreischer net worth in 2023

In this article I will tell you about the Bert Kreischer net worth in 2023. Bert Kreischer is known as one of the most famous and trendsetter standup comedian actor, producer and reality TV show host as well as podcaster. The net worth of the Bert Kreischer is around $3 million. He makes this net worth from his comedy shows which are world famous. His fan following is very huge, and his fans belong to different areas of the world. Bert Kreischer is known for his standup comedy shows which are very eminent. Bert Kreischer also called as The Machine has hosted the FX shows (Hurt Bert the conqueror) and several others for Travel Channels.

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Bert Kreischer net worth in 2023

What is Bert Kreischer net worth in 2023?

Information Details
Name Bert Kreischer
Age 50 years old
Date of Birth November 03, 1972
Height 5’ 11” (1.82m)
Occupation Standup comedian, Reality TV show host, podcaster
Salary $500k per Anum
Net Worth $3 million
Nationality American
Place of Birth Tampa, Florida.


How Bert Kreischer Became millionaire? 

1 Bert Kreischer has worked in one of the most popular Comedy shows and also produced super hit shows. He has been a part of (Comfortably Dumb in 2009), (The Machine in 2016), (Secret Time 2018) and (Big Boy in 2020). Bert Kreischer started podcasting Bertcast in 2012.

2 In 2020 Bert Kreischer was cast in the famous Netflix reality series known as (The Cabin with Bert Kreischer). Moreover, he was also the executive producer of this Netflix series. Bert Kreischer also hosts several cooking shows like (Something s Burning in 2018).

3 He is considered one of the best Standup Comedian of the United States. He is also a producer of several comedy shows, he hosts several shows as well he is a famous podcaster too. In this way he makes all his income and assets. The net worth of the Bert Kreischer is around $3 million. In his entire Journey he did amazing job and impress the audience a lot.

Bert Kreischer net worth in 2023

Bert Kreischer Early life

1 Bert Kreischer was born on November 3, 1972, in Tampa, Florida. The father of the Bert Kreischer was a Real estate attorney while the mother of the Bert Kreischer named as Gege was a part of early childhood development organization. Bert Kreischer takes his early education from a school known as Jesuit High School.

2 After completing his early education, he got admitted in a Florida State University. The major was English in his degree, and he was really interested in this degree. He was very passionate towards comedy, and Hosting.

3 Bert Kreischer hosts several shows organized in his university. He was very interested in the dramatics societies in his university. He always takes parts in such activities and in this way his motivation continues which lead him towards this profession.

Bert Kreischer net worth in 2023

Bert Kreischer cars

1 Lexus LC

2 Jaguar F-Type

3 Mazda MX-5

4 McLaren 720S

5 Audi A6

6 Lexus-LX570

Bert Kreischer Career

Bert Kreischer started his career as a standup comedian. He first worked as a standup comedian in a night club known as Talahassee. He sent a recording of his stand-up comedy show to one of the famous agents who invites him to the New York to polish his skills.

Bert Kreischer watches several shows in New York. Later on, Bert Kreischer got an opportunity to work in the comedy club where he learns a lot.

From 2001 Bert Kreischer start working in several films like (Prepare to meet Thy God) in this film Bert was appeared later on he was appeared in the (Life with David J) in 2004. In 2020 Bert Kreischer was aired in the Netflix series called as (The Cabin with Bert Kreischer)

Year Event/Project Description
1997 Rolling Stone article Kreischer’s college party antics were featured in an article titled “The Undergraduate” in Rolling Stone magazine.
2002 “Bert the Conqueror” Kreischer starred in the Travel Channel series where he traveled around the US, participating in various extreme activities.
2009 “Comfortably Dumb” Kreischer’s first hour-long stand-up special was released on Comedy Central.
2013 “The Machine” story Kreischer’s infamous “The Machine” story, about his time in Russia as a college student, went viral and helped to skyrocket his popularity.
2016 “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast Kreischer made his first appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast, which has since become a frequent platform for him.
2018 “Bert Kreischer: Secret Time” Kreischer’s second hour-long stand-up special was released on Netflix.
2019 “The Degenerates” Kreischer appeared in the Netflix comedy series alongside other comedians like Nikki Glaser and Jim Norton.
2020 “The Cabin with Bert Kreischer” Kreischer starred in and produced the Netflix series where he invites celebrity friends to a cabin in the woods for a weekend of adventure and relaxation.
2021 “Hey Big Boy” Kreischer’s third hour-long stand-up special was released on Netflix.
2021 “Go Big Show” Kreischer serves as a judge on the TBS reality competition series alongside other celebrities like Jennifer Nettles and Rosario Dawson.


Bert Kreischer Personal Life

Bert Kreischer was married to LeeAnn Kemp in 2003 and they have two daughters. The name of the daughters are Georgia and Lla. Bert Kreischer used to live in Los Angeles with his family.

In an interview, Bert Kreischer mentioned that he is a very religious person because he was brought up in such an environment although his wife is not so religious, and her daughters are not grown up in religious environment. Personally, Bert Kreischer is a very kindhearted and religious person. He loves her daughters a lot.

Bert Kreischer net worth in 2023

Bert Kreischer Social Media platforms

Platform Link


Bert Kreischer Famous Quotes

1 (Always struggles hard without caring about failures)
2 (Failure is a lesson and chance for you to muscle up yourself and try again)
3 (Be humble and gentle)

Bert Kreischer house and Assets 

Bert Kreischer has a house in Florida. This is one-story house worth more than $1.5 million. Recently Bert bought a land in Florida to build his own customized studio. Bert Kreischer mostly invests his income in Real Estate rather than wasting on unusual stuff.


1 What is Bert Kreischer net worth?

As of March 2023, Bert Kreischer net worth is $3 million dollars.

2 What is Bert Kreischer net worth 2023?

Bert Kreischer net worth 2023 is $3 million dollars.

3 How much does Bert Kreischer earn?

The income of the Bert Kreischer is around $500K yearly. The net worth of the Bert Kreischer is around $3 million.

4 What is the celebrity Bert Kreischer net worth?

The net worth of the Bert Kreischer is $3 million. He is a famous Standup comedian actor, host and Producer and he make this income from the production houses and the Comedy shows.

5 Who is the wife of Bert Kreischer?

The name of the wife of the Bert Kreischer is LeeAnn Kemp and they were married in 2003. They are living happily in the Los Angeles.







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