Jo Koy net worth in 2023 | Salary, House Complete Guide

Jo Koy net worth in 2023 | Salary, House Complete Guide

In this article I will explain you regarding Jo Koy net worth in 2023 | Salary, House Complete Guide. Jo Koy is an American and Filipino based standup comedian. The net worth of the Jo Koy in 2023 is $5million dollars.  The real name of the Jo Koy is Joseph Glenn Herbert. Jo Koy is one of the most popular and eminent comedians of the United States. He has given one of the best comedy shows which are eminent in all over the world. Jo Koy makes most of his net worth and income from his comedy career. His comedy skills are well famous and well praised all over the world. In United States if we categorize top 10 comedians then no doubt he will be in the list for sure.

Jo Koy net worth in 2023 | Salary, House Complete Guide

What is Jo Koy net worth in 2023?

Information Details
Name Jo Koy
Age 52 years old
Date of Birth June 02, 1971
Height 6 foot, 3 inches (1.93m)
Occupation Standup comedian
Salary $400 Thousand per annum
Net Worth $5 million
Nationality American
Place of Birth Tacoma


Jo Koy Early life

Jo Koy was born on June 02, 1971, in Tacoma, Washington. The father of the Jo Koy was in the Air force of United States in the Philippines. In Philippines he got married to the mother of the Jo Koy. The mother of the Jo Koy was Filipino, and she worked in a local music band of Filipino. They were living a happy life then due to some personal reasons this couple got divorced, at that time Jo Koy was only 13 years old so he has to move with his mother and rest of his siblings. After completing early education Jo Koy moved with family to Los Vegas. They were living near the house of Joy grandparents in Los Vegas.

Jo Koy net worth in 2023 | Salary, House Complete Guide

Jo Koy was fond of acting and comedy from his childhood and his mother always support him a lot. In his various shows and serials Jo has mentioned that his mother was the only inspiration and motivation for him since his childhood. Jo Koy used to practice comedy in home and his mother always appreciates him. Jo Koy mentioned that his mother always used to encouraged him to participates in different comedy shows organized at school and other places. This motivation always remains alive in Jo Koy, and he keep struggling in his career. Jo Koy left the school in order to keep focus on his career.

Jo Koy Career

Jo Koy started his comedy career in the mid 90 s. He got fame from the regular appearance in the show called (Catch a rising star) at the MGM Grand. After some time, he got more motivations which lead him towards Los Angeles. After some time from his appearance at MGM, he rented the Huntridge theater in the Las Vegas and personally go out to sell tickets of his own show. During his struggling period, he worked really hard. Later on, he was invited to a BETS Comic View, and it was the turning point of his career, from this point he got actual fame, and he got several awards and nomination from this show. The further details regarding Jo Koy s career are mentioned in the table below.

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Show Year Network/Platform Details
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 2005 NBC Stand-up performance
Comedy Central Presents: Jo Koy 2007 Comedy Central Stand-up special
Chelsea Lately 2009-2014 E! Regular panelist
The Adam Carolla Show 2010-2013 Podcast One Regular guest
Jo Koy: Live from Seattle 2017 Netflix Stand-up special
The Koy Pond with Jo Koy 2018-present Podcast One Host
Jo Koy: Comin’ In Hot 2019 Netflix Stand-up special
The Joe Rogan Experience 2019 Podcast Guest
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 2019 NBC Stand-up performance
Jo Koy: In His Elements 2020 Netflix Comedy documentary
Jo Koy: Just Kidding World Tour 2021 Netflix Stand-up special


Jo Koy cars

Honda S2000

Audi Q7


Chevrolet Silverado Special edition

Jo Koy personal Life

The name of the wife of Jo Koy was Angie King. They were married in the late 90 s. The couple has a son named Joseph Herbert Jr whom Jo Koy loves a lot. In 2013 they divorced, and Jo Koy announced publicly that although they are divorced still, they are bringing up their child mutually. They are still good friends and they have ended their relationship with love and affection. In several interviews Jo Koy has revealed that he is very close to his son and his mother who was a true motivation for Jo Koy. Jo Koy used to hesitate a lot in media regarding his personal life. In 2018 there was a viral rumor that Jo Koy is engaged to Amy Bray in 2018. He was noticed a lot with a singer and actress Tia Carrere.

Jo Koy net worth in 2023 | Salary, House Complete Guide

Jo Koy is a very generous and Kindhearted man. He spends a lot of his income in the charity works. He has made several Charity companies who help needy and poor people a lot. He claimed that his mother taught him a lot and she was a true inspiration for him, and he love her mother a lot.

Jo Koy assets and houses

Jo Koy has a mansion in Los Angeles and Miami. He used to sell his old property and buy new ones. He buys a mansion in Miami with a space of 7 cars parking. He must have other assets and properties which are still undiscovered and neither Jo Koy revealed them.

Jo Koy Physical appearance.

Height: The height of the Jo Koy is 6 foot, 3 inches (1.93m)
Weight:  The weight of the Jo Koy is 70 kg.
Hair color: Full black


Jo Koy Social Media Platforms

Platform Link



How rich is Jo Koy?

The net worth of Jo Koy is $5 million dollars. He made most of this net worth from comedy industry. He is the most eminent and trend setter comedian of the United States.

Who is Jo Koy’s Wife?

The name of the wife of Jo Koy was Angie King. This couple have a son. They were divorced in 2013 due to some personal reasons but still they are good friends of each other, and they are bringing up their kid mutually.

Is Jo Koy in a relationship?

Yes, Jo Koy has a relationship with a Chelsea Handler.

What nationality is Koy?

He is an American national.

Who is Jo Koy’s real mom?

Josie Hariosn is the real mother of the Jo Koy






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