YK Osiris net worth 2023 | Salary, House Complete Guide

YK Osiris net worth 2023 | Salary, House Complete Guide

In this article I will explain you regarding YK Osiris net worth 2023. YK Osiris is one of the most popular and famous rapper and singer of the United States. YK Osiris net worth 2023 is $3 million dollars. YK made this net worth from his singing career. He is not only famous in United States but in a whole world due to his raps. YK is eminent among the young generation due to his exotic singles which are (Valentine and Worth it.) The real name of YK Osiris is Osiris Jahkail Williams. YK Osiris is currently signed to Def Jam recordings. He started singing at the age of 17 and in a very short time he became eminent. In 2017 he released his song (Fake Love) and this song hits really hard and it crossed million views on different plat forms including Sound cloud, Spotify and You Tube.

YK Osiris net worth 2023 | Salary, House Complete Guide

What is YK Osiris net worth in 2023?

Information Details
Name YK Osiris
Age 24 years old
Date of Birth September 07, 1998
Height 5 foot, 9 inches
Occupation Most eminent rapper
Salary $250,000 per annum
Net Worth $3 million
Nationality American
Place of Birth Florida, United States


How YK Osiris became Millionaire?

YK Osiris make most of his net worth from his songs and they are the actual assets for him. In his childhood, YK has faced a lot of difficulties and poverty which always motivates him to do something big and make his career. Before singing career, he was involved in few illegal activities too in order to make money but then he decided to leave all and do something worthy in life. YK Osiris make most of money from selling his songs and live shows through which he easily makes thousands of dollars.

YK Osiris net worth 2023 | Salary, House Complete Guide

YK Osiris Early life

YK Osiris was born on September 7, 1998, in Florida, United States. He used to live with his parents and seven siblings. They are two brothers and six sisters. The father of the YK Osiris was a manager in a restaurant and her mother was a housewife. The parents of the YK separated in early age and YK was brought up by his mother. In few discussions and interviews YK Osiris revealed that he didn’t get much love of parents because his father was already gone, and his mother had to work a lot to feed her eight kids. YK Osiris was fond of music from his childhood, and he want to opt this profession. After the age of 13 he used to steal several things and it was the only thing YK was relying on. Later on, he decided to make music his profession in order to make money. At the age of 17 he started his career officially and impressed the whole world with his songs and got money and fame within no time.

YK Osiris net worth 2023 | Salary, House Complete Guide

YK Osiris Career

YK Osiris was fond of singing and rap from his childhood. He always wants to become musician. He was a huge fan of Michael Jackson. In 2017 YK released his first single called (Fake Love) and it was a supper hit record which got 2 million views on Sound cloud and Spotify. He got eminent in no time from this record. In 2018 YK Osiris out another single called (I’m next) After some time YK Osiris out another single called (Valentine) which was also very hit and popular song. A lot of famous rappers and singers has made remix version of this song. The audience of the YK Osiris is mad and crazy for him and his songs.

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YK Osiris Famous songs

 Title  Year
Worth It 2018
Valentine 2018
Timing 2018
Run It Up 2019
Freaky Dancer 2019
Shakira 2019
Leave Me On Read 2020
Money Keep Coming 2020
Hate Me 2020
Mind Games 2021
Love 2021
Rocket Man 2022


YK Osiris personal Life

It is said that YK Osiris has a relationship with a musician Ann Marie. It creates a lot of hype in the followers and audience of YK and this situation got more devastating when YK was featured in Ann Marie s music video (Track). All of these are rumors how over nothing has been cleared from both celebrities.

YK Osiris Assets and houses

YK Osiris has a mansion in Florida and New York. According to some resources, YK Osiris has apartments and other properties in Paris too and it is his favorite travel destination. He must have other assets and properties which are still undiscovered.

YK Osiris Cars

YK is fond of driving, and he love to drive. In his free time, he always enjoys driving and went to long drives. YK has one of the most exotic and best cars collection a few of which includes.

YK Osiris net worth 2023 | Salary, House Complete Guide

Porsche Carrera

Ford Mustang


Range Rover

Cadillac CT-5

YK Osiris Social Media Platforms

Platform  Link
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ykosiris/
Twitter https://twitter.com/ykosiris
TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@yk.osiris?lang=en
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk35Yh7V-4T47WQ7VvAjfFQ
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/YKOsirisOfficial/



Who is YK Osiris net worth?

The net worth of YK Osiris is $3 million dollars. He made most of this net worth form his music profession. He is one of the most eminent rappers of United States.

What did YK Osiris do to his gf?

The girlfriend of the YK Osiris claimed that YK has assault her and bite her on her face for this assault YK got jail too.






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